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Leather and Lace

Nothing poetic tonight, just a simple post. King and I spent a little time doing a photo session for pics to use on the blog, as I hate using other people’s photos, clip art, etc. I wanted to share one of the pics with you. I have referenced my deer hide flogger several times in posts – it’s my love! In case any of you are in the market for a beautiful flogger, purchase deer hide. I highly recommend. It’s the best made flogger we have ever owned, tested and true! 

Empowerment Through Punishment

Mistress M 234 (2)

I find myself here as a blanket of darkness surrounds me.  My arms are bent to form perfect right angles against my back.  The soft Japanese rope silken to my skin as small plumes of flesh escape at either side of the bind.  My wrists are one atop the other, partners in the challenge of maintaining the required position.  From the ladder laced between my parallel arms spawns a woven road to an anchor point in the ceiling.  A slight ache emerges from the inflexibility of my muscles; an ache transforms into pleasure as I breathe into the binds, allowing them to become one with my own flesh.  My sight removed from me.  I now stare into a darkness that is as endless as my determination to withstand what may.  In the end, You will be proud of my will, King.  I will make You proud.

“Challenge me”, I whisper to You as You place five heavy, beautiful beads of stainless steel inside of my sex.  You seal my fate with a kiss before commanding me to spread my legs wider, marking two areas on the floor with a material I can feel on the pads of my toes.  I imagine a thick glue holds my place, unable to slip, unable to budge.  As the space between my thighs expands, I become a vice around the spheres internal.  The metal seeming to surpass my body heat, feeling like small orbs of pure sexual energy within me.  Steely, my determination to impress You.  Tight for You.  Watch what Your treasured cunt can do for You…

My walls dripping of sweet glaze.  My focus intermittently interrupted with the thud of my favorite flogger.  The scent of deer hide leather fills the room – intoxicating.  I find myself in a crux of ecstasy.  Each thud upon my athletic thighs and my thick ass transports me higher.  A drunken relaxation veils over my body as the autumn breeze.  I’m both equally vexed and utterly seduced.

My stubbornness exhaled with every breath as the air smells of my obedient defiance.  You have transitioned to a device for punishment.  Oh, and You know me so well, so fluent in the language of me and my capable vessel.  You lay the gauntlet before me, my King.  With each calculated strike, my mind becomes a fogged street.  An intoxicated haze fills the space surrounding a deliberate focus, as a single beam of light through a heavy mist.  Thoughts break themselves from the ray, slightly fractionated, but the focus remains.  My head begins to bow as my body gives way onto the binds for support, my fortitude gives way to frustration as I teeter a pencil thin line – one side of temerity and the other surrender.  My head falls in acquiescence, my hair a waterfall of my succumbing pride flowing before me.  Your strong hand grips my chin as if Your hands cupped together to catch the spill, offering the liquid back to my lips.  I feel Your breath as You slowly and purposefully move your lips over my neck and to my ear.  Your words, a deep and calm whisper, grab my attention like a thunder clap that rattles through the quietest of nights:

“Beloved, you will keep your chin up.  You are my warrior, my valkyrie.  You will hold your head with pride because I am proud to have you as Mine.  Proud to have you by My side, fighting any battle life may put before us.  I’m proud to have you on My arm, to show you off to the world.  Proud to leave My mark on you, My claim inside of you.  Mine.  The punishment I give you is not to belittle or break you; My punishment is to build you up and make you stronger.  I will correct your behavior when I need to, and I will help you be better.  You are My wife, My beloved whore, My warrior and greatest ally.  Show Me how strong and capable you are, My valkyrie.  Do not let Me see you drop your chin again.”

I immediately correct, the fog lifts, and I’m standing in a meadow of absolute mental clarity.  I am Your valkyrie!  We have many conquered battles behind us and we have some wars before us.  This ax of insolence I wield at the world – this ax is not for You.  The shield I adorn keeping a true “me” from view – this shield is not for You.  Ego, the steed that carries me and rides me on high – he is not for You.  The many wounded in my wake, in the name of You and my love for You – You will never find yourself among them.  Casualties, they were far too weak for me.  I have always been strong enough for You.

Lifting my head, I note a heightened awareness of my value, my preciousness.  The heart that smolders within my chest – this heart is for You.  My flesh before You; full breasts, wide hips, physical feminine wiles, tethered and tied – My flesh for You.  The strength inside resides – Empowered by You.  I rise because I’m me.  I hold my head higher due to You.

As You continue to correct me, to build me, I will show You.  My King, look at my strength, see my devotion.  Look at what I can do for You.

Ropes and Respect

I was cruising around the blog postings today, on a quest for some interesting reads.  I came across a posting that truly disturbed me.

A woman had a one night stand with a man who attempted to play Dom.  I emphasize the word attempted, because the female had no idea that he was heading in the BDSM direction, and from the sound of it, inflicted some unwanted pain on the female.  She was writing about how disturbing the whole experience was.  What a shame.  If I was a Top, I’d be pissed at all the lousy (and downright pathetic) attempts made by individuals that haven’t done their research.  Stop!  You’re ruining it!


I can’t proclaim myself an expert at BDSM, but my husband and I definitely subscribe to the lifestyle.  I prefer to say that we have a Master/slave relationship; but alas, I still have far too much feistiness to be a praise worthy slave.  I am passionate about serving my husband and truly feel ignited living as a bottom.  I’m regularly a powerhouse bitch who can’t be told what to do by anyone.  My husband is my Dom and my entire world; He certainly is the only person who can successfully tell this woman what to do.

A bit of advice and insight (my personal opinion, of course) into the beautiful world of BDSM:

BDSM does not consist of non-consensual abuse.  In fact, many people in the lifestyle would agree that “abuse” is a term rarely used.  To be “abused” often implies victimization.  Individuals involved in the BDSM lifestyle are not victims; they are consensual participants in an alternate sexual nirvana.  From the perspective of a bottom, we are enticed by the feeling of being dominated.  How that dominance may appear to those who are not part of the act is not of our concern; unfortunately, we have grown rather accustomed to being judged.  Although the practice of BDSM often results pushing boundaries, a mentally sound bottom will not permit an act that arouses a deep seeded emotional result.  An educated sub will never place his/her Dom in the position of being seen as the “cause” for emotional turmoil or physical pain.

Boundaries are negotiated prior to the session.  I’m going to err on the side of giving this boy the benefit of the doubt by saying that he appears overzealous.  I’m sure many Doms experience a feeling of confusion when wrestling with their desires initially.  Thanks to our lovely close-minded society, we program men to feel that any form of aggression in the bedroom is dangerous territory.  My husband experienced backlash in the past for pulling out his cock and lightly slapping it against his ex’s vagina.  He was called, “sick” and she was infuriated that he was treating her as if she was a “whore”.  WOW.  I straight have him pull his glorious cock out and smack it wherever his heart so desires!  I guess I’m a dirty whore 😉  I digress…I’m willing to bet this guy is battling an overcoming need to be a Dom, and doesn’t have the patience to wait for a willing sub.  He doesn’t understand how to have that kind of conversation, or perhaps, he’s afraid to have the conversation…In which case, he needs to reevaluate his confidence level.  In all cases, his pushiness is not a trait typical of a good Dom and will likely become a repetitive, vicious cycle.  The point here is to remember that people involved in consensual acts of healthy BDSM understand boundaries before they participate in play.  I consider my body my Dom’s territory; though, we are both aware of the fact that I’ve given him permission to own it.


A good Dom will respect his sub.  My husband is an amazing Dom.  Certainly, he had the utmost respect for me prior to making BDSM part of our life.  He is gloriously protective and he operates with the right amount of possessiveness.  He will watch for cues to signal comfort level and willingness.  Even if you don’t have the level of intimacy we have and you are just beginning to experience play, a healthy Dom will communicate effectively to gauge your comfort level.  This is akin to having an excellent lover in general; an excellent lover watches the body’s non-verbal responses to sexual acts and adjusts his/her behavior accordingly.  A Dom worth serving is one that considers how serving him feels.  Your Dom is your priority, but you become your Dom’s ultimate responsibility.  If you ask me, I consider the role of a Dominant to be worthy of the utmost respect due to the nature of the role.

Despite how it looks, BDSM has everything to do with respect and romance.  Personally, I feel there is no more romantic a union that that of a Dom/sub.  Perhaps, it may not appear that way to some people because the acts appear “violent”.  I assure you, despite of how those acts appear to you, they are wonderfully fulfilling to participate in.  My Dom would stop at nothing to protect me, cherish me, and lavish love upon me, both verbally and physically.  My Dom’s pleasure is derived from me serving him because he ultimately has given me his all:  His heart, his passion, his trust, his body, his soul, his vulnerability, and his leadership.  In my opinion, there is nothing more romantic than mutual need gratification where barriers are town down, walls are demolished, and people can exist in sexual play without fear of being chastised.  Let us not forget how vulnerable a position being a Dom would be, and how easily they are judged for being abusive individuals.  I would argue that most sexual relationships deemed “normal” as opposed to BDSM, certainly contain their fair share of unspoken desires.  It’s a sad world we live in, ladies and gents…

There is no room for passive/aggressive behavior in BDSM.  If deep down you feel as though the acts you are participating in is violating you on a personal level – just stop.  You are missing the point          !  You cannot force your body to enjoy what your mind is not open to.  Doing something against your will breeds discontent, and that discontent will manifest itself in passive/aggressive behavior.  Take responsibility for your own actions in situations where the other person is counting on your to use your best judgment.  By participating in these behaviors, you help perpetuate a tainted image upon the face of BDSM.  After the joke that is, “Fifty Shades of Grey”, we just cannot stomach any more phonies.

-Fervid M