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Seed and Swallow

  1. cause or allow (something, especially ejaculate) to pass down the throat.
    “she swallowed a mouthful slowly”
  1. 1.
    an act of swallowing something, especially ejaculate.
    “she downed his ejaculate in one swallow”


    I took a long and lazy break away from writing that I am not proud of.  However, it is the nature of me to wax and wane on things that require my attention outside of my King.  A particular topic has ignited my passion to write this post, even though the clutches of laziness for writing had a grip on me with great strength.

    What topic could inspire me from such depths, you ask?

    The topic of SWALLOWING.

    I have recently come to a shocking social discovery amongst my peers.  Many of the females I know, either rather well or just by brief acquaintance, do not swallow their man’s cum.  But, this isn’t just a matter of not swallowing, no.  These women express that they don’t like his cum and find it “disgusting”. Now, this discovery bothers me on so many levels and I feel the need to address each one; not only because it does my psyche well to express things that frustrate me, but because maybe this will resonate with the very few people who will actually read this post.

    My King is a fantastic pussy eater.  He is passionate, aggressive, and will quite literally devour me.  He is very complementary of my taste, and hearing the rumblings of, “You taste so fucking good” escape his muffled (get it?) mouth generates a fire within me that ignites my femininity from the most dormant recesses of my body.  He never hesitates, never waits, and never progresses toward my pussy with caution.  I never go long without being exceptionally eaten.  My King insists upon making me cum, using his muscular strength to lock down my hips as they buck energetically in anticipation of my orgasm.  When I do cum, I flood.  He will proceed to press harder into my flesh, lapping more and more with each twitch of my body.  As his moans grow deeper, he usually thrusts a finger or two inside of me, only to lick them clean after pulling them from my body.  I feel like a goddess.  I feel beautiful, desired, owned, and utterly appreciated for being a woman.  His woman.

    I cannot imagine if, upon the first signs of my impending orgasm, my King pulled away from my pussy and proceeded to rub my clit to finish the deed.  I cannot fathom how I would feel if his mouth stayed on my cunt long enough to finish my orgasm, only to spit out whatever saliva he had in his mouth that still tasted of me.  I would be devastated if my husband asked that I cum on his chest, and after my orgasm, he took a towel and wiped me off him while making a face akin to a face one would make while wiping off a bird shit from their t-shirt.

    Yet, this appears to be commonplace behind closed doors.  I can’t understand, for the life of me, why a man would accept any of these behaviors from a woman, especially a woman you are committed to monogamously.  Why are men so tolerant of a woman viewing their seed in such a way, when a woman would never be as tolerant?  Is this another reflection of our cultures growing inequality and demasculinization of men in the name of “feminism”?  Are men starting to feel like that’s “just the way it is” and cum swallowing women are saved for viewing porn?  And what about in a marriage, where you have promised to spend the rest of your lives together in a monogamous relationship, and you have a lifetime of feeling the cold air hit your cock just prior to orgasm.  If your wife is reluctant, or downright refuses to swallow your cum, what other doors will be shut in the realm of your sexual experiences together?  How does this not frighten these men straight into the arms of a receptive woman?  Perhaps this is sometimes the reason for affairs, and if so, I don’t blame the men for wanting to put their cocks in a welcoming mouth.

    Yet, it would still be the man’s fault.  He would still be labeled a “dog” and scorned by the vast majority of those around him.  He would still go to sleep feeling the tinge of guilt on his conscious for acting on desires that went unmet…

    For wanting to be WANTED.

    I’m not saying a woman needs to love cum.  I’m not saying that she must get on her knees before her man, mouth agape, batting her eyelashes, parched and desperate for his cum.  I’m not saying a woman needs to scoop her man’s cum into her hands and devour it like a toddler does with a slice of birthday cake.  I am suggesting that a woman should swallow a man’s cum when he wants to leave his cock in her mouth to orgasm.  I am suggesting a woman should show appreciation for her man’s cum as if it’s her pleasure to please him.  I am suggesting that when sharing your bodies, there should be very few things you find distasteful about one another and cum should NOT be one of them.

    I would argue that the taste of orgasm should be seen as a reward.  Brining your loved one to orgasm should be something of an accomplishment to be cherished and valued.  Most common arguments from women for not swallowing cum can easily be resolved:  If you don’t particularly like the taste of his cum, use flavored organic lube.  If you don’t like the feeling of his cum hitting you in the back of the throat, deep throat him.  If you can’t deep throat because it makes you gag, use a product that numbs the back of your throat temporarily.  Or better yet, practice deep throating.  You can significantly improve your gag reflux by practicing, and I’m fairly confident your man would be a willing participant as you practice.  Bottom line, there is no excuse for not swallowing.  It is inexcusable to treat the product of your man’s orgasm as intolerable.  Step outside of yourself and imagine how that rejection would feel.

    And if, as a man, you feel guilty when holding the opinion that a woman should swallow…Don’t.  Women don’t struggle gulping down ridiculous drinks to lose 10 lbs; swallow smelly, bad tasting herbs to improve their hair and skin.  Women will eat certain foods that are disgusting to improve their beauty and health without hesitation.  If she’s unwilling to swallow your cum, you should find it insulting.  She is basically saying that your pleasure isn’t worth her discomfort, and by accepting that, you are saying that her opinion is okay.  You are rewarding her pettiness, and that is unacceptable.

    I find it tragic that so many women will treat their men in a way that would make them feel rejected.  A man who tolerates this behavior perpetuates this double standard.  Just because we have been cultured to feel that a man’s emotions and need to feel appreciated is an afterthought doesn’t make it true.  Just because we often place men into roles with a purpose meanwhile quickly dismissing their need to feel like a man, doesn’t mean they aren’t longing to feel like a man.  Just because you may not WANT to doesn’t ultimately make it unnecessary.

    If it’s true that actions speak louder than words…


Fair Play

Warning:  This post is likely to offend you.

I have been absent for a while dealing with the holidays and other work related business.  As I can finally take a breath, I find myself moved to write.  I felt like a zombie there for a while, simply going through the motions and obligations that the holidays bestow upon us.  My creativity was stifled under all the responsibility, but I had time to think about things that I wanted to write about.

I attended a bridal shower yesterday for a close friend of mine.  On her invitation it read, “…is registered at Lowe’s, Home Depot and Target.”  I stared down at the invitation in my hands and thought to myself, “Dear God…How long can you expect a marriage to last if your bridal shower invitation resembles that of a housewarming party?”  I refused to get her a gift of anything she requested, and instead got her a giftcard to a local sex shop complemented by a card that read, “The key to a lasting and happy marriage is an open and mutually thrilling sex life, not a new toaster or 5 horsepower blender.”

I am not a believer in marriage; at least, I should say that I am not a believer in marriage in the traditional sense.  I don’t believe that marriage is the answer for lifelong happiness, family security, and a guarantee for monogamy.  I believe that marriage makes little sense, as it essentially forces individuals into patterns of predictability for the survival of family; meanwhile, society perpetuates a notion of lasting passion and fulfillment.  Passion and fulfillment can certainly be achieved while married, but usually that involves a high level of disclosure and intimacy.  Further, I am not a believer in marriage as our present society would see fit.  I believe that now, more than ever, men are emasculated within the bounds of marriage.  We have begun at young ages to emasculate our boys into behavior akin to females.  We are expecting of men to act as women, boys to act as girls:  Sit still, behave, be polite, don’t dominate, don’t show signs of aggression, and do not be overtly sexual.

We women are highly sexual creatures as well, despite what our society would have you believe.  The most dishonest of behaviors I have seen were displayed from women.  Women can easily secure a reliable man, whilst trolling for a thrilling and short lived tryst between the sheets.  He would be none the wiser, as men often assume that women are happy as long as they are provided for.  Another nod for society on that misconception.  Men typically do not feign well, as they are not as accustomed to operating from a place of dual existence: The “me” I will show the world, and the “me” that I relish within my mind.

You may not like reading this, but I don’t believe that people who cheat are necessarily guilty of anything aside from searching, and in some cases, attaining personal happiness.  The quest for personal happiness is our “right” as we are told; however, we are also told the quest should look a certain way.  Now would be an excellent time to stress honesty, but alas, I will not.  I can completely understand an inherent need for secrecy with the amount of responsibility and stress we have placed upon marriage, monogamy and the necessity to deny our inner desires.  Those who often cry “liar” toward the cheater were the ones most likely to cast judgment upon that person’s sexual desires; or withhold sexual gratification for personal motives; close doors for intimacy and communication that should remain open; and abuse their lover for the same qualities they initially found appealing.  Shame…

My opinion, as it applies to most cases of infidelity that I have experienced or been informed of, stem from a place of rejection.  In my experience, the people most guilty of these slights are the “fairer sex”.  Women are conditioned to believe that sexuality should be used as a means for gain and attainment.  Women are usually guilty of using sex for securing a man, reproduction, financial security, or material possessions.  If she happens to secure the responsible man AND a child – Jackpot!  She has significantly upped her chances of being taken care of for the majority of her life, with minimal effort on her part.  I firmly believe that once those essentials are provided for such women, they proceed to quickly pull the plug on devoting excessive energy to sexual fulfillment and emotional intimacy with their spouse.  Women who express their sexuality freely, for a personal fulfillment void of motive, are often labeled unkindly.  Why?  Because our society is threatened by sexual liberation.  Instead of embracing the fact that we are extremely sexual creatures and monogamy is highly unlikely under “normal” conditions; we buy into the farce that civilization has created for control: Religion.  But, that we will safe for another post…

If monogamy is something you choose to strive for – you had better up the ante.  My husband and I strive for monogamy, and my husband is deliciously territorial.  I permit my husband to express his territorial behavior from the recesses of his mind, because I find it primal and utterly delightful.  Blended within the fibers of our commitment to monogamy is the belief that our marriage didn’t guarantee a thing, aside from joint property ownership.  We understand that in order to beat the odds against our inner nature, we must consistently work toward sexual fulfillment and enlightenment.  We understand that communication is essential, expressing our deepest inner desires and working toward making them a reality.  This can be difficult, as you must be willing to listen despite your own personal “notions” of how things should be.  Certainly, you do not have to agree to fulfill your partner’s every whim; however, I also believe that you cannot expect to have monogamy from that person if their desire is strong.  I don’t believe this should be troubling, instead, I think it should be viewed as freeing.  Do your best and the rest will fall into place as it will.  As I’ve argued before, the more we repress the animal, the more the animal will rise within us.  To convince yourself of anything different is to ignore your evolutionary past.

I feel cheating was justified in the vast majority of situations.  Sure someone gets hurt and it can have lasting effects upon families and such.  As a collective society, we have built unrealistic expectations upon the human, and thus, marriage.  These expectations have long acted as a catalyst for crying victim and mental instability by the person being cheated on.  Aligning your expectations with these societal presumptions is setting yourself up for failure, and will neglect to serve you well, aside from an excuse for your own negligence.  You cannot expect monogamy; instead, you must cherish it within your relationship and work toward maintaining it.  That’s simply the best you can do.

I am so sick of hearing people speak of monogamy as if a guaranteed “right” in their relationships.  You can hope for it, encourage it, and cultivate the best environment possible to maintain it; however, if you don’t continuously strive to maintain it, you should not be surprised if the practice of “monogamy” fails you.  Believing monogamy is in our human nature was your first mistake; believing you are entitled to it simply because you are married or in a committed relationship is your second mistake.

If a person declines to acknowledge their own personal responsibility to cultivating an environment encouraging of monogamy, then I believe they deserve to be cheated on.  I believe that entitlement encourages laziness; the same expression can be applied toward marriage.  A person who believes that marriage guarantees them monogamy is a dangerous partner in life.  It is highly likely that their entitlement will lead to a laziness that will not only stifle your sexuality, but devour your spirit and crush your individuality.  Too often, we expect promises to last a lifetime even as we fail to maintain the environment for which those original promises were made.  I believe cheating is a right in any relationship where a person feels entitled to your loyalty without maintaining their end of the agreement.  Do I feel that you should leave the relationship entirely?  Sure, that is probably a good idea.  However, as a society we have complicated relationships (especially marriages) to aid in trapping people in lifelong commitments.  We have worked for centuries to cultivate these domestic messes and are often victims of our own misplaced assumptions and financial entanglements imposed upon our marriages.  That is our fault and failure as a society.  Blaming a person who cheated and failing to acknowledge how you may have encouraged the “discretion” is your fault.  If you are unreasonable enough to believe in monogamy as a guarantee at all costs, then you deserve to be cheated on for your laziness and unrealistic expectations.

Alas, as I watched roughly 20 women “oooh and ahhhh” at blenders, pots and pans, and a Keurig 2.0, I quietly hoped that my friend would soon realize that her perception of “happily ever after” is already skewed.  I hope that she will encourage open communication between she and her spouse, release her expectations, and begin to appreciate him on a “human” level.  I know she won’t, and I can’t help but surmise that I will hold her hand in the not too distant future as she cries on my shoulder repeating, “He promised me forever…”  I’ll remember how much importance was placed upon the house and not the man.  I’ll remember how her expectations aligned so naively with societal expectations.  I’ll remember how I wrote her a card that said, “I refuse to gift you a household appliance for your bridal shower, and instead, encourage you to tend to your sexual relationship.”

And I’ll know without her ever needing to say that instead of giving her husband unlimited and unrestricted access to her “cake”, she decided to bake one instead.

Own Your Sex

intimate young couple during foreplay in bed

I am going to ask you to do a little experiment for me: Next time you go to the grocery store, take a good look around.  Be aware.  You won’t have to look too hard.  Let’s say you stroll down isle 9 to grab yourself some coffee and you aren’t alone.  She shares the isle with you; shoulder length, wet to dry styled hair, pulled up into a pony tail, oversized shirt draped over a pair of wilting tits, sweat pants casually tucked into the crack of her ass down to flip-flops on un-pedicured feet.  You glance at her face and she wears a sad expression.  She wears the expression of a woman who is suffering from cramps, constipation and fatigue.  This woman couldn’t possibly be married, could she?  Who would want to fuck that on a nightly basis?  Take a gander at her ring finger and you’ll see a glistening diamond donned upon it.  Shocked?  Or maybe he shares the isle with you.  He is wearing a sports team t-shirt and jorts (jean shorts).  His cheeks look at if he’s storing up for winter with a belly to match.  You observe an awry back hair or twenty sprouting from the back of his shirt. You’re sure he isn’t getting laid and he is a minute man, without a doubt.

Now, picture that same woman enthralled in a glorious sex session with her man.  Picture her tearing at the sheets, tossing her hair, biting her pillow and shoving that man deeper inside her.  Picture that woman (as she is currently carrying herself) in a pair of heels and black lingerie.  Have I made you want to puke yet?  I feel you.  Let’s say that this particular woman isn’t in good shape, because this type of woman often isn’t.  Is that the reason you cannot picture her rocking some fish nets with stilettos?  Probably not.  Is it possible that you cannot imagine her enjoying her sex life because she clearly doesn’t own her vagina?  BINGO.

It’s no different for a man.  A man must own his dick.  The difference is men tend to own their dick on a daily basis.  I personally believe they are more connected to it because they have to touch it more frequently.  They are brought up to own the fact that they are boys, that they stand up to pee and they are lady-killers.  Think about the cutest boy you’ve seen lately and think about how many people have said to him, “Ooooooh!  You are going to be popular with the ladies when you grow up, handsome!”  Now, that kid usually grows up to be a man who racks up a fair number of notches on his bedpost.  Then he gets married.  His wife becomes the lady written about above, and he becomes a blob of minimal testosterone.  He looks around at the beauties of the world and fantasizes about days gone by.  He imagines a time when he’d thrust between the thighs of a woman like that blonde.  He remembers how he used to make Jessica scream, Ashley claw his back, and Sarah orgasm six times.  Ah, but now…Now he is overweight, his breasts could fit into a training bra and his penis is lost in a forest of overgrown pubic hair.  He’s lost it.

So, do we blame this upon marriage?  Can blame monogamy?  Or would it be more appropriate to say that monogamy often leads to laziness?  Wouldn’t it be more fitting to say that once a person feels that they are pulled off the shelf that they no longer need to be on display?  Shame. We should never, under no circumstance (especially marriage), forget to own our sex!  Monogamy is a privilege that needs to be paid respect.  We should never treat monogamy as a right.  And you should never forget those days of hot, sweaty, animalistic sex.  You need to recreate them.  You need to pull yourself out of an insecure rut.  You need to own your vagina.  You need to own that cock.

Let’s start with the ladies, shall we.  I don’t give a shit if your husband says you look best when you don’t have any make-up on.  I don’t care if he says that your ass looks great in those sweat pants.  I couldn’t care less if he says you look better since you’ve put on 15lbs.  You shouldn’t allow these generous complements become rules for conduct.  Be honest, what do you feel when you look into the mirror.  Do you even look in the mirror?  Without being overly critical of yourself (this is counter productive), what can you do in an instant to improve how you feel, how you present yourself to the public, and most important; what can you do to amass adoration and make insecure women jealous?  Simple.  Orgasm.  If your significant other cannot be found then you need to get busy tending to yourself.  An orgasm isn’t something that is short lived.  You carry an orgasm with you throughout the day, a glow of happiness radiates from you. Forget the apple – “An orgasm a day keeps the frump away”.

Take pride in yourself!  Pull that hair down from the pony tail.  Take care of your hair and skin, put on make up, perfume and a pair of heels.  Wear figure flattering clothing.  Own the fact that you were born with a vagina, and therefore, amass more power than any other creature upon the planet.  Save me the excuse of kids, ladies.  I know a few woman with more than one kid who take the 45 minutes to present themselves beautifully – you’re excuses are your reasons for failure.  You fail an excuse yourself for it and that is shameful.  You are simply lazy and continue to lie to yourself daily.  Stop that.  Don’t look to your man for his approval.  Look for the approval of other men and women.  If he is suddenly insecure and jealous (unless already supremely confident), then you know you are doing something right.  A man should be proud to wear you upon his arm.  He should be concerned that another man may favor your attention.  He should be wary that you leave the house looking like you care to present your beauty.  If you need to kind of push yourself at first, do it.  Touch yourself more often.  Look at yourself in the mirror after you put in some effort and complement yourself.  Feed your sexuality and notice the changes that come about you.

Men, you are a little easier to address.  Look at your dick and remember your past.  Remember the hottest sex you’ve ever had.  Remember the expression on her face.  Remember that time when you were sweat drenched, balls deep and driving it home.  Relive that tonight.  Relive that tomorrow.  Live that daily.  Be the man who takes control of who he is.  Don’t be the man who waits for permission from his woman.  Do not be the man that believes settling down means having to hide that you admire other woman.  Fight from falling prey to your woman’s insecurities and instead, comfort and encourage her to be a better woman.  Don’t give in.  You are of an evolved brain, but you are still animal.  Monogamy is something that is not part of your nature, but part of your evolutionary mind.  You own monogamy, but you need to own your animal side.  Women have the despicable ability to drain the testosterone out of a man.  Since many of you guys are with insecure women; it’s safe to say that your woman is working against you.  An insecure woman wants you to blend in with your fat, overgrown hair, limp dick and un-manicured appearance because she doesn’t want to lose you.  A secure woman knows you’ll never find better, but she’s not willing to test the issue either.  Take care of yourself and get picked up on.  Flirt and find your manhood.  You’ve still got it.  Keep these things to yourself, especially if you know your significant other cannot handle it.  Bring the energy home and take it out on your woman.  When she asks where all this newfound energy comes from say, “I’ve realized that as a woman you have needs that I need to meet.  I want you to know how much I appreciate you”.  Sounds lame, but a woman suffering from a lack of confidence will eat this up!  If you have a woman who doesn’t want you to masturbate or look at porn, then sneak.  Fact is (within reason) these are normal and healthy acts.  These are acts you’d probably do less of if you had a satisfying and active sex life.  Participating in these acts will keep your testosterone production at a healthy level and will keep your mind clear.  Do not allow a woman’s insecurity drive you from your manhood.  You are not cheating.  You are not doing anything wrong.  If you have a woman who doesn’t understand this, then cover your tracks and do what you have to do.  I encourage you to open up and be honest, but that can prove very difficult with some women.  Whatever you do, don’t allow anything in this world separate you from your package.  Owning your cock is a justice to the rest of the world.

Things counterproductive to owning your sexuality are going to come up within your life. Jobs, kids, finances and health are just a few that can hinder embracing your sexuality.  Try to push through these times.  Try your best to avoid becoming that man or woman in isle 9.  Confidence and sexual prowess can only increase the connection, attraction and intimacy within your relationship.  If you are not attached, then you should be putting your best food forward toward sexual gratification.  Vince Lombardi states, “Confidence is contagious. So is lack of confidence.”  Vince Lombardi was not a loser.  Don’t allow your vagina or penis to become one.
Have fun tonight!