From the rubble we rise

A most stubborn love still eluded demise

Beautiful solider we are bruised and battered

What clouded dust behind us gathers,

Let it be as latter…

Raise your sword and grasp your shield,

We battle negativity and positivity shall yield.

Our souls left as battlefields tainted and torn.

The blemishes upon our armor proudly adorn.

Our helmets masked our vulnerable faces behind

Nearly victimized by the passing time…

We watched and we wounded

Our deepest fears resounded.

The chaos drives lovers to defeat the ally

Me to you, you to I.
From the bloodied chaos surrenders clarity

And we raise our white flags in unity.

And we shed our armor humbly…

As we embrace upon the ruin,

Zephyr carries away the sullen,

Parasitic thoughts that devoured our love.

Beside my fellow soldier

Look beyond your shoulder.

You and I.


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