You preside over my manor.

Surviving on your affections.

Your supply so limited that I cannot stand

I merely crawl upon this crumbling ground,

Reaching, grasping for reassurance

Swiftly I’m upon my face.

Surely you’ll offer your hand to rise

But, you’d leave me seated.

And you’d say,

“I can only give so much”

But, I fail to find my limits.

And I’ll admit that I’d drink up your persistence

Like some drunkard you would detest.

Yet, you provide just enough

To always leave me desirous

And whilst I’m craving for you I fear

And though I do…

I cannot allow myself to need you.

The nature of this love is such

Rendering one in disbelief

Blinded by your radiant smile

And deafened to every noise but your words.

You are King in my world

Though seemingly forever out of my station…

I’ll always worship you.

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