I anticipate your fingertips.

For the touch the will make my thighs tremble,

Quiver like fall leaves in the cool breeze

Open wide for you as my heart has,

As my soul has.

My guard crumbles for you as my inhibitions waiver…

And I devour you

Sweet like nectar on my tongue…

Salty like your sweat upon my kiss.

Your course face against my porcelain skin,

Your full lips brushing against my nipples…

Our legs, tightly tangled.

My man on me.

Bring you inside of my body,

To reign where you’re spirit has, King…

You inhabit me.

A willing and familiar invasion,

My walls as tight as my hands grasp your back

You’ve been here before, unaware

In the passionate depths of my mind…

My back arches in surrender for you,

My toes curl in delight of your kiss…

A dusting of goosebumps cover my damp skin,

Exhale a sigh of sweet delight.

My man in me.

You will captivate me,

Enlist my passion as your personal muse,

As I feel you within

As prominent as your kiss on my neck

Coming in and going out of me…

As we crescendo and at once cascade,

We are but bodies of mutual gratification…

As our minds evade us,

Abandon us basking in rapture.

Though nowhere else would we rather left stranded,

Than on this island of wrinkled sheets

Your body is my vacation,

I’ll be your retreat…

My man and me.

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