I lie in a lonely grave…

I’m waiting for you.

I hold solid to my memories of you…

All I have to nourish my devastated soul

Suddenly unaware of who I am,

I feel alone.

Who is this person?

I don’t know of her…

She doesn’t wear the smile I’ve grown to know,

Humor has seemed to evade her,

She doesn’t laugh as passionately as she used to…

I don’t recognize these sad eyes?

Who harbors this helpless soul?

For I don’t know her…

6 feet under longing the way I do

Starving, I need you.

Vaguely feel a heartbeat in my chest

Though it echoes pronouncedly

This incessant trembling,

Lack the energy to lift a lonely finger,

Though they dance as if independent from my hand…

Hanging by the thread of hope,

Tears somersaulting to freefalling from my eyes

They form puddles around my feet

Keep trudging through the mud…

Though it’s strewn upon my face

Polluting my view…

I’ll keep reaching for you.

That soul at once so beautiful

Torched by a vindictive flame

As the smoke curls from my charred remains –

Triumphantly from which I still rise…

You are the mirage I stumble to,

Though my feet will soon rest upon the oasis,

Steadfast I shall travel…

Embrace your shield for me warrior,

For this the grandest battle

Peer over your shoulder to find me near…

Should you question my persistence,

Victory knows nothing of surrender

But of our love.

I love you.

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