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Bonding over Bitching

I work in an office of women and it’s quite discouraging.  Through the course of a single day, the topics of conversation include: Reality T.V, how much they hate their bodies, celebrities, plastic surgery, cosmetics, and how annoying their kids/boyfriends/husbands are.  I have never had much in common with women, especially the “modern” woman.  Perhaps my lack of appreciation for the modern women stems from my facing constant rejection by many of them due to the way I live my life.  I am openly submissive.  I love my husband and he rarely annoys me.  I enjoy meeting his needs, and I love to take care of him in any way necessary.  I don’t like to be an inconvenience to him and I refuse to be a nag.  Thus, I have a relationship that is relatively free from any resentments or drama, save the occasional squabble over something stupid like him not picking something out for dinner off his bi-weekly menu I make him.  We have a relationship that, I would deem, comes as close to perfection as possible. My relationship and my lifestyle, it would appear, would be the cause of my lack of steady female companionship. I am rarely unhappy with any part of my personal life or myself, so I appear haughty I’m female circles. The perception of haughtiness is threatening and the antithesis to female bonding over bitching.

I also don’t hate my body.  I appreciate my body.  I am happy with the way it looks and feel very comfortable naked.  If I come into a pattern of low self-esteem over something about my body, I’ll make an expeditated move to fix it in whatever manner possible.  If I feel like I’m hanging onto a few extra pounds, I amp up my workouts and cut back on some of the foods that could be holding me back from my goal.  I have nothing against plastic surgery, and may find myself in need of some in the future.  But, I don’t see a need to discuss it at length with other women. How does airing discomfort provide comfort? Can women only dish a complement without the need for one in return if they perceive themselves as equal or better than the person they are paying the compliment to?

How does this fix anything?  How does this make these women feel better?  Perhaps, female comradery is built upon a foundation of self-hate and negativity. Do women have to demean themselves to find acceptance from other women and feel as though they fit in?  Why are the lives of celebrities (or their assumed lives based upon what the media portrays) fascinating enough to cover the span of an hour or more in near constant communication?  Who the fuck cares? Any significant amount of time spent discussing celebrities is an utter waste of time. If each moment brings us closer to our death, I don’t want to spend it discussing the Kardashians for an hour.

My life experience thus far has revealed that to share a relationship of any depth with another woman you must be at least mildly miserable with yourself and your life.  You must enjoy complaining.  Complaining seems to be the very thread essential to the fiber of the female friendship. People within earshot of such pointless, meaningless and seemingly endless jabber should be the newest victims to form a hashtag movement. Are you having to listen to women bonding over bitching and it’s making you miserable? #metoo.



Suits my mood...

Thoughts of you plague me today.  Hands so masculine treading across the soft rolling terrain of my body.  Fingertips supple, dancing independently across the land.  You’d kiss deeply into my flesh, gripping me ravenously with your hands.  I’m going to let you have me.

Picture me with those overworked eyes, the strained irises and tense pupils.  You grace the threshold and I will grace your sight.  Upon my approach, I kiss you passionately; my traveling hands wander underneath the shirt I carelessly dishevel.  My hands ripple over your defined stomach, cascade over your chest.  Your delicate patches of hair transition to smooth, silky skin.  You are the accustomed alpha, and I the lioness rendering you cornered.  I’d remove your shirt and press my skin against yours; my breasts trail down the length of your stomach, as I set myself upon my knees.  You, standing before me once so rigid from your day, now unsteady at the knees.  I’d glance upward, meeting your eyes in a gracious manner.  You, my King, my beloved companion.  I, honored to serve.

Your slacks are taught and retraining you.  I succeed in removing them.  I take you into my mouth and appreciate you.  I am slow, passionate; you are deep, consumed as a palatable delicacy.  Your hands are tangled in my brown hair, delicately bringing me further down onto you.  You are a most delicious feast.  I seek to immerse myself, gluttonous.

I cease, guiding you from the threshold into the dining room.  You need to rest your weary legs.  Facing you, I grace your lap, adoringly embrace your head and bring you to my chest.  Sliding down the length of you, I find myself flush.  I have been starved without you.  My hair dresses the peaks of your shoulders, fingers dimpling into your back and thighs balmy against yours.  Your stubble is coarse against my smooth breasts, your rigid sex buried deep inside me, silky and permissible.  We rise and fall, as the breath from our heaving chests.  We merge as if a singular sexual being.  I worship you, a rapacious beast.  We meander, we warp, we writhe. We, the vessels of mutual gratification; I exist to prove your muse.

The manifestation of my daytime fantasies is the rumble of the garage door.  The culmination of my desires is the jingling of your keys.  I have never mastered the art of patience, yet you leave me waiting.  You leave me wanting.

-Fervid M

Cheater, Cheater…

*For the sake of simplicity, I am going to address women specifically in this article.  I feel this is necessary because these actions are most common among women.*

The older I get, the more I realize that women lose accountability as quickly as skin elasticity.  Sadly, they are more concerned with the latter.  We see miserable, disheveled, and unkempt women everywhere.  Beyond their physical appearance, they are usually easy to spot among a crowd, as they are usually saying or doing something to make someone else’s life momentarily miserable.  I would be willing to bet that if privately asked and secretly counseled, at the heart of all her dissatisfaction, there would be a man to misplace her blame upon.

Stop blaming men for all your problems.

I realize that this is going to come across offensive to some of you; especially those of you who feel that you have good reason to be upset with a man.  I would urge you to continue to read, because this isn’t simply an anti-feminist rant.  I am not discussing whether your reasoning for being upset with a man is justified or not.  I’m simply stating that, no matter what it is, it does not matter.  Anger is oxygen to the flames of unhappiness.

Burn with confidence, burn with sexuality, burn with power.

Often the root of all of this petty anger stems from the perception that someone is unfaithful.  Perhaps they actually are, or were, unfaithful.  Again, this matters not.  I don’t blame a cheater, won’t curse a cheater, and refuse to condemn a cheater simply because the rest of the world decides to chastise those who stepped out on a verbal commitment.  Verbal commitments made with the best of intentions can dilute quickly when used as an anchor in a troubled sea of unhappiness.  I am not of the school which practices, “Once a cheater always a cheater.”  Usually (aside from rare exceptions), people cheat for a myriad of reasons, reasons which I would argue as justified.  I certainly believe people should be honest with their actions, own them and stand behind them, even in the face of judgment.  Unfortunately, you simply cannot be honest with some people.  If someone failed to be honest with you, there is a strong possibility that at some point they attempted to and failed miserably.  I believe it a safe assumption you likely had an unbecoming fit of emotion, attacked the person attempting to confide in you with a slur of verbal offensives, and taught them a lesson for trying to bruise your delicate ego:  Never to approach you openly again.

I have a glorious husband.  If he didn’t fuck me senseless and fulfill my needs for a dominate man, then I’d likely get a wandering eye.  If he didn’t possess the depth, the darkness, the primal of his sexuality; he’d likely bore me right into another man’s arms.  If he wasn’t so deliciously protective and territorial, I’d find myself more attracted to man that was.  This is especially true if you want to play in the world of BDSM:  A strong sub wants to feel owned.  Many a man thought it would be a good idea to give me freedom, because a “healthy” relationship is interdependent.  I define a “healthy” relationship as one that both partners define as passionate and respectful – I couldn’t care less what other people think, and neither should you.  My belief:  Possess me, and do so with fervor, or I will be drawn to someone else who will own this with passion.  I’m quite fortunate I don’t need to concern myself with that.

Our evolutionary processes are imbedded within our psyche.  The evolved human brain and primal brain exist within the same person.  When we devalue the human, the animal rises.  The animal rises as a defense mechanism for repeated domination of unrealistic expectations placed upon basic human needs.  The two can exist beautifully in tandem balance when both are acknowledged as valid.  For example, a basic human need for sex resonates within us all (some stronger than others).  We must rise to meet the basic needs of the more sexual partner.  A satisfied partner is one that feels their basic needs are met.  A satisfied partner is less likely to cheat because they are satisfied.  If you would like to live in denial, continuing to devalue to animal instincts within your partner, then accept the consequences.  Cheating is natural because monogamy is a highly unnatural occurrence.  To defy nature and maintain a monogamous relationship, extra attention must be paid to satisfying the animal within us all.

I have yet to meet a man who cheated for reasons unjustified.  I am not merely referencing the fact he can justify his actions; but, I am confirming that I can understand the reasons for the infidelity on the basis of human need.  I would argue that men have been devalued and emasculated in contemporary society to the point they face an increasingly difficult path to discovering their identity.  We have begun to see men as vessels of production.  We continue to expect more from men, while simultaneously, we give less.  We condemn more and praise less.  We demand more and lavish less attention.

If you want a reliable machine, grab your vibrator.  If you desire to be in a healthy, reciprocal and sexually fulfilling relationship with a man, respect his basic needs.  Stop blaming a man for your troubles and evaluate yourself.  Improve yourself.

Stop concerning yourself with cheating.  Start realizing that the more time you spend pondering his whereabouts and intentions; you take from the possibilities of your own sex.  When you are unhappy, miserable, and angry because of a perceived injustice upon you by a man, people pity you.  Those people who seem to support you by joining you in degrading the person whom committed the offense:  They pity you.  A person who actually cared about you would suggest you get your shit together and press on.  A person worth having does not spend a lot of time wondering whether the person they are with desires them – they know they should.  Stop whining and start becoming a person worth wanting.