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Seed and Swallow

  1. cause or allow (something, especially ejaculate) to pass down the throat.
    “she swallowed a mouthful slowly”
  1. 1.
    an act of swallowing something, especially ejaculate.
    “she downed his ejaculate in one swallow”


    I took a long and lazy break away from writing that I am not proud of.  However, it is the nature of me to wax and wane on things that require my attention outside of my King.  A particular topic has ignited my passion to write this post, even though the clutches of laziness for writing had a grip on me with great strength.

    What topic could inspire me from such depths, you ask?

    The topic of SWALLOWING.

    I have recently come to a shocking social discovery amongst my peers.  Many of the females I know, either rather well or just by brief acquaintance, do not swallow their man’s cum.  But, this isn’t just a matter of not swallowing, no.  These women express that they don’t like his cum and find it “disgusting”. Now, this discovery bothers me on so many levels and I feel the need to address each one; not only because it does my psyche well to express things that frustrate me, but because maybe this will resonate with the very few people who will actually read this post.

    My King is a fantastic pussy eater.  He is passionate, aggressive, and will quite literally devour me.  He is very complementary of my taste, and hearing the rumblings of, “You taste so fucking good” escape his muffled (get it?) mouth generates a fire within me that ignites my femininity from the most dormant recesses of my body.  He never hesitates, never waits, and never progresses toward my pussy with caution.  I never go long without being exceptionally eaten.  My King insists upon making me cum, using his muscular strength to lock down my hips as they buck energetically in anticipation of my orgasm.  When I do cum, I flood.  He will proceed to press harder into my flesh, lapping more and more with each twitch of my body.  As his moans grow deeper, he usually thrusts a finger or two inside of me, only to lick them clean after pulling them from my body.  I feel like a goddess.  I feel beautiful, desired, owned, and utterly appreciated for being a woman.  His woman.

    I cannot imagine if, upon the first signs of my impending orgasm, my King pulled away from my pussy and proceeded to rub my clit to finish the deed.  I cannot fathom how I would feel if his mouth stayed on my cunt long enough to finish my orgasm, only to spit out whatever saliva he had in his mouth that still tasted of me.  I would be devastated if my husband asked that I cum on his chest, and after my orgasm, he took a towel and wiped me off him while making a face akin to a face one would make while wiping off a bird shit from their t-shirt.

    Yet, this appears to be commonplace behind closed doors.  I can’t understand, for the life of me, why a man would accept any of these behaviors from a woman, especially a woman you are committed to monogamously.  Why are men so tolerant of a woman viewing their seed in such a way, when a woman would never be as tolerant?  Is this another reflection of our cultures growing inequality and demasculinization of men in the name of “feminism”?  Are men starting to feel like that’s “just the way it is” and cum swallowing women are saved for viewing porn?  And what about in a marriage, where you have promised to spend the rest of your lives together in a monogamous relationship, and you have a lifetime of feeling the cold air hit your cock just prior to orgasm.  If your wife is reluctant, or downright refuses to swallow your cum, what other doors will be shut in the realm of your sexual experiences together?  How does this not frighten these men straight into the arms of a receptive woman?  Perhaps this is sometimes the reason for affairs, and if so, I don’t blame the men for wanting to put their cocks in a welcoming mouth.

    Yet, it would still be the man’s fault.  He would still be labeled a “dog” and scorned by the vast majority of those around him.  He would still go to sleep feeling the tinge of guilt on his conscious for acting on desires that went unmet…

    For wanting to be WANTED.

    I’m not saying a woman needs to love cum.  I’m not saying that she must get on her knees before her man, mouth agape, batting her eyelashes, parched and desperate for his cum.  I’m not saying a woman needs to scoop her man’s cum into her hands and devour it like a toddler does with a slice of birthday cake.  I am suggesting that a woman should swallow a man’s cum when he wants to leave his cock in her mouth to orgasm.  I am suggesting a woman should show appreciation for her man’s cum as if it’s her pleasure to please him.  I am suggesting that when sharing your bodies, there should be very few things you find distasteful about one another and cum should NOT be one of them.

    I would argue that the taste of orgasm should be seen as a reward.  Brining your loved one to orgasm should be something of an accomplishment to be cherished and valued.  Most common arguments from women for not swallowing cum can easily be resolved:  If you don’t particularly like the taste of his cum, use flavored organic lube.  If you don’t like the feeling of his cum hitting you in the back of the throat, deep throat him.  If you can’t deep throat because it makes you gag, use a product that numbs the back of your throat temporarily.  Or better yet, practice deep throating.  You can significantly improve your gag reflux by practicing, and I’m fairly confident your man would be a willing participant as you practice.  Bottom line, there is no excuse for not swallowing.  It is inexcusable to treat the product of your man’s orgasm as intolerable.  Step outside of yourself and imagine how that rejection would feel.

    And if, as a man, you feel guilty when holding the opinion that a woman should swallow…Don’t.  Women don’t struggle gulping down ridiculous drinks to lose 10 lbs; swallow smelly, bad tasting herbs to improve their hair and skin.  Women will eat certain foods that are disgusting to improve their beauty and health without hesitation.  If she’s unwilling to swallow your cum, you should find it insulting.  She is basically saying that your pleasure isn’t worth her discomfort, and by accepting that, you are saying that her opinion is okay.  You are rewarding her pettiness, and that is unacceptable.

    I find it tragic that so many women will treat their men in a way that would make them feel rejected.  A man who tolerates this behavior perpetuates this double standard.  Just because we have been cultured to feel that a man’s emotions and need to feel appreciated is an afterthought doesn’t make it true.  Just because we often place men into roles with a purpose meanwhile quickly dismissing their need to feel like a man, doesn’t mean they aren’t longing to feel like a man.  Just because you may not WANT to doesn’t ultimately make it unnecessary.

    If it’s true that actions speak louder than words…


My Message to You, Beautiful People

“The only people for me are the mad ones, the ones who are mad to live, mad to talk, mad to be saved, desirous of everything at the same time, the ones who never yawn or say a commonplace thing, but burn, burn, burn, like the fabulous yellow roman candles exploding like spiders across the stars…” – Jack Kerouac

I don’t just write for the simple joy of it, though, I do simply enjoy it.  My hope is to encourage people to embrace themselves and their sexuality.  My hope is that through some of my writing, some of you can find the freedom of acceptance, both of self and from those who you consider yourself intimate with.  I will not say the things that sound pretty; rather, I give the advice that most people shy away from giving.  I won’t say you are a “bad” person for doing a particular thing, unless that thing harms the unwilling.  Specifically, I will never condone the direct victimization (physically or emotionally) of an unwilling individual or an individual whom cannot make an informed choice.  That being said, people who subscribe to the misconceptions of society and perceived guarantees of religion and subsequently feel victimized by those who fail to subscribe to the same standards – take that somewhere else.  Admittedly, the best decision I ever made to was to have an affair, plain and simple.  I loathe judgment; more so, I particularly loath judgment from the pious populace, as they are often the worst of all.

I just want to be clear about something:  You will not enjoy my blog if you enjoy the sweet, delicate and soft.  You will find me abrasive, offensive, and downright salty.  I will not provide you with a soft place to fall, a mothering touch to your bruises.  I do not find a benefit in dismissing pain, especially emotional pain.  I enjoy prodding at my own bruises, discovering why they hurt, what hurts them worse, and how I got the “bruise” in the first place.

We are taught from a young age to quickly disperse of pain, both emotionally and physically.  We are taught to ignore it, accept it, and hope that someone can kiss it all away.  I we stood next to the pain for a minute, glanced over and observed it, we would see more about ourselves than we see in bliss.  While lost and looking through the fog, we would learn more of our capabilities than with a clear road ahead.  We can survive gloom of a temporary depression by living within it, thriving within the sadness, enjoying the darkness for the clarity it brings.

I love the dark.  A mental vampire, I desire the inner workings of the mind.  I look past the clock face; I am obsessed with the gears that turn and the rust that erodes.

I encourage you to please comment on my posts if you feel so inclined.  I understand it takes time, and I certainly understand that high demand for time in this life.  I am simply saying to allow yourselves a freedom of expression here, if you so desire it.  Thank you so much for reading.  I hope that you find a sort of transparency about me.  I am quite a dichotomy; I am a self proclaimed narcissistic artist with a great deal of compassion for human kind.  What you see here is all me, aside from a few pictures in my articles here and there.  I try to keep things as genuine and relevant to “me” as possible.

On caveat:  Don’t bring your religion here.  I respect religion and what it provides for people.  I don’t respect what it has done to humanity.  Quite simply, I refuse to worship; make a fundamental part of my life, a collage of myths responsible for the massacre of so many individuals.  I cannot press my hands together knowing the blood spilled between them.  I cannot bathe in the grace that is judgment, hypocrisy, control and hallucinogenic lunacy.  I’d feel as if I’d bathed in the dirty fields of countless holy wars and toweled off with the condemning cardboard signs of Pro-life protestors.  I’d feel as if I’d dressed in the robes of predatory priests, and donned footwear appropriate for booting dirt in the faces of homosexuals.  I’d wear enough make-up to conceal my vanity, have lunch with the woman whose husband I maintain an affair and curse the waitress for her idiocy at forgetting to split the tab.  This is religion to me.  Religion is ugly.  Religion is deadly.


Fervid M

Cheater, Cheater…

*For the sake of simplicity, I am going to address women specifically in this article.  I feel this is necessary because these actions are most common among women.*

The older I get, the more I realize that women lose accountability as quickly as skin elasticity.  Sadly, they are more concerned with the latter.  We see miserable, disheveled, and unkempt women everywhere.  Beyond their physical appearance, they are usually easy to spot among a crowd, as they are usually saying or doing something to make someone else’s life momentarily miserable.  I would be willing to bet that if privately asked and secretly counseled, at the heart of all her dissatisfaction, there would be a man to misplace her blame upon.

Stop blaming men for all your problems.

I realize that this is going to come across offensive to some of you; especially those of you who feel that you have good reason to be upset with a man.  I would urge you to continue to read, because this isn’t simply an anti-feminist rant.  I am not discussing whether your reasoning for being upset with a man is justified or not.  I’m simply stating that, no matter what it is, it does not matter.  Anger is oxygen to the flames of unhappiness.

Burn with confidence, burn with sexuality, burn with power.

Often the root of all of this petty anger stems from the perception that someone is unfaithful.  Perhaps they actually are, or were, unfaithful.  Again, this matters not.  I don’t blame a cheater, won’t curse a cheater, and refuse to condemn a cheater simply because the rest of the world decides to chastise those who stepped out on a verbal commitment.  Verbal commitments made with the best of intentions can dilute quickly when used as an anchor in a troubled sea of unhappiness.  I am not of the school which practices, “Once a cheater always a cheater.”  Usually (aside from rare exceptions), people cheat for a myriad of reasons, reasons which I would argue as justified.  I certainly believe people should be honest with their actions, own them and stand behind them, even in the face of judgment.  Unfortunately, you simply cannot be honest with some people.  If someone failed to be honest with you, there is a strong possibility that at some point they attempted to and failed miserably.  I believe it a safe assumption you likely had an unbecoming fit of emotion, attacked the person attempting to confide in you with a slur of verbal offensives, and taught them a lesson for trying to bruise your delicate ego:  Never to approach you openly again.

I have a glorious husband.  If he didn’t fuck me senseless and fulfill my needs for a dominate man, then I’d likely get a wandering eye.  If he didn’t possess the depth, the darkness, the primal of his sexuality; he’d likely bore me right into another man’s arms.  If he wasn’t so deliciously protective and territorial, I’d find myself more attracted to man that was.  This is especially true if you want to play in the world of BDSM:  A strong sub wants to feel owned.  Many a man thought it would be a good idea to give me freedom, because a “healthy” relationship is interdependent.  I define a “healthy” relationship as one that both partners define as passionate and respectful – I couldn’t care less what other people think, and neither should you.  My belief:  Possess me, and do so with fervor, or I will be drawn to someone else who will own this with passion.  I’m quite fortunate I don’t need to concern myself with that.

Our evolutionary processes are imbedded within our psyche.  The evolved human brain and primal brain exist within the same person.  When we devalue the human, the animal rises.  The animal rises as a defense mechanism for repeated domination of unrealistic expectations placed upon basic human needs.  The two can exist beautifully in tandem balance when both are acknowledged as valid.  For example, a basic human need for sex resonates within us all (some stronger than others).  We must rise to meet the basic needs of the more sexual partner.  A satisfied partner is one that feels their basic needs are met.  A satisfied partner is less likely to cheat because they are satisfied.  If you would like to live in denial, continuing to devalue to animal instincts within your partner, then accept the consequences.  Cheating is natural because monogamy is a highly unnatural occurrence.  To defy nature and maintain a monogamous relationship, extra attention must be paid to satisfying the animal within us all.

I have yet to meet a man who cheated for reasons unjustified.  I am not merely referencing the fact he can justify his actions; but, I am confirming that I can understand the reasons for the infidelity on the basis of human need.  I would argue that men have been devalued and emasculated in contemporary society to the point they face an increasingly difficult path to discovering their identity.  We have begun to see men as vessels of production.  We continue to expect more from men, while simultaneously, we give less.  We condemn more and praise less.  We demand more and lavish less attention.

If you want a reliable machine, grab your vibrator.  If you desire to be in a healthy, reciprocal and sexually fulfilling relationship with a man, respect his basic needs.  Stop blaming a man for your troubles and evaluate yourself.  Improve yourself.

Stop concerning yourself with cheating.  Start realizing that the more time you spend pondering his whereabouts and intentions; you take from the possibilities of your own sex.  When you are unhappy, miserable, and angry because of a perceived injustice upon you by a man, people pity you.  Those people who seem to support you by joining you in degrading the person whom committed the offense:  They pity you.  A person who actually cared about you would suggest you get your shit together and press on.  A person worth having does not spend a lot of time wondering whether the person they are with desires them – they know they should.  Stop whining and start becoming a person worth wanting.