“M” and the Blog

Mistress M 069

I have a passion and deep rooted need for dominance. In my earlier years, I confused dominance for abuse, as many do. My quest for dominance, and the ways in which I need to feel it, was an arduous journey.  I’m here to celebrate having found my perfect balance. 

I serve a glorious Man. The most beautiful human I’ve ever known; the most glorious Man I’ve ever seen. He has enraptured me for over a decade, my muse. The only Man to make me ravenous to serve.  The only human I will kneel before. The only traveler to traverse my darkest rivers. 

This blog is intended to journal my soul. Whatever seethes inside. Whatever breathes passion into my life. Whatever He desires I channel.  

You are it. For the ultimate freedom it gives me and my heart, I want to serve you. Serve you like the dedicated warrior at your back. Serve you as your valkyrie.  Serve you like the beautiful Roman slave served her Master. Serve you in whatever way you deem fit because of the gift you give me. You give me ultimate freedom and love. I want to surrender that freedom to you.  I have no desire for freedom with you as my King. I only wish to love and serve you with ultimate reckless abandon. Because I consider this such a precious gift, you must use me to the greatest of my ability. You must take all that I can give and require all that you can of me because it fulfills me; makes me happy and makes me content. You must explore the darkest corners of your desires because I am here to fulfill them. I am here to never betray you, nor judge you, never condemn you, but always serve you. Your ownership of me ignites my desires.

 Creativity fuels my Kink and Kink fuels my creativity. 

This beautiful collar was handmade by: The Caged Flower. I highly recommend her collars. They hold up beautifully over time. 

*This blog is intended for adults.  I am not child friendly.  My subject matter, language, and pictures are adult in nature.

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