Interlude 3

The dimly lit room, a sensual haven, a nirvana for two. Perched atop your muscular thighs, my protector a pedestal for his ultimate high. Fleshy breasts laid bare, begging to be devoured, dancing before his rapacious stare. Full lips, wrapped eagerly around my erected nipple, steady in spite of my gyrating hips. An occupied left makes for fervent right, a drop of honey, an alluring amber light. Like a jewel upon a pillow of plush, a stroke of your tongue, a lifter from the lush. Abandoning the left to devour the right, a new honey jewel to entice your bite. A nibble to the pink perky skin, rendering sparks of my nerves, warming my sin. A dessert you consume like a decadent dream, not made of sugar, not made of cream.

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A Sensual Side of BDSM - The romance of servitude, submission, pleasure and pain. View all posts by FervidM

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