A lovely gift to add to my collection…

It’s a shame that it also comes with this to add to His collection…


I absolutely hate this paddle.  I am quite fond of “thuddy” hard hits, not “slappy” sharp cracks. My Dom/Husband can grow tired of my attitude; admittedly, I use my wit and intellegence to push his buttons sometimes…Ah, yes…I can be a SAM. But, sometimes I just enjoy being an asshole and hoping to get a pleasurable punishment for it…

He was on to my tricks! I’ll avoid a slap from this device no matter my “playful” asshole urges.

I’m seeing the light at the end of the tunnel and feeling inspired again! Have a lovely weekend, you beautiful Sirs and subs out there…oh, and those of you who are simply curious too, you deviants 😉

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2 responses to “Greetings!

  • logicalmynd

    I agree. Flimsy paddles are exactly that, flimsy paddles. It’s certainly just preference, but the art one can put into exotics and hardwoods is just amazing. I assisted a friend in making an oak paddle for his wife in another friends wood shop. It came out very well, though simple. It had a pattern of holes bored through the face and we put a nice finish on it and wrapped the handle in leather strips. It would be great if I could dig up a picture of it. You’ll get an email if I find one.

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    • FervidM

      I better! There is nothing like an actual home made piece. He spent really good money on a flogger that was made of leather and deer hyde, hand made. It’s amazing…smells amazing…and it had that “thud” that I crave. Btw, I read your recent post, and I know you said in previous posts that you were over it (writing), but you are brilliant. Most will not understand your depth, but who cares?

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