We Shall See…

Another casual, light-hearted update for all you lovelies…

On top of an exceedingly demanding professional life, I am working on a significantly long paper  for a class.  I was *cough, cough* “fortunate” to have an uber-feminist professor in this class, which has resulted in some interesting debates between she and I, as well as some of my other classmates.  I am not anti-feminist, per se, in the sense that I believe equal treatment for equal work.  However, I do believe that men are significantly misrepresented within our present society by a virtual pendulum swing toward feminism in the name of emasculating men.  Ultimately, I believe heavily in evolutionary psychology and cognitive development as it applies to biology.  I believe men are men and women are women for reasons primarily dictated by biology; I believe hormones, physiology, and thus, brain development coincide with our responses toward the environment.  I do believe culture plays a heavy influence as well, akin to adding standards of performance to a basic blank slate:  As if taking a large boulder and carving it into a beautiful sculpture; the beautiful sculpture may represent something upon it’s surface, but at it’s core the subject is simply rock.  Culture carves.

Anyway, my professor has assigned readings for this particular class that I find are bias against men.  If I were a man in this class, I would feel as though I was a pig on a spit, rotating and roasting before a crowd of chanting, spear wielding women.  They would extend their fists vehemently into the air, exposing the hairy pits of rebellion.  They would dance around the rotisserie man with dangling breasts of stretched tissue and “beaver bump” one another in the name of “fem-araderie”.  Roast that man for all his oppression – Men and their penises are to blame for all our problems in the world….

I cannot stand this course.  Such potential in the material to be squandered away by personal bias.  Anyway, I digress…

After numerous debates, I have decided to compose my final paper on cultural dynamics as it effects aspects of BDSM culture and alternative relationships.  Ah, yes.  Imagine the joy I will have once I receive a poor grade in this course due to the fact that I will discuss being a female sub to my male Dominant.  My professor is notorious for grading according to personal opinion and perspective.  Undoubtedly, my close-minded professor will know little about the lifestyle, as she will see it as another way culture oppresses women.  To expose that fallacy, I plan to discuss the role of dominance and submission, as it pertains to the individual and not the gender of the person.  Ultimately, I plan to show the BDSM culture as a place where gender is an illusion; a place where a person is accepted as an “individual” and not as culture would define him/her or his/her chromosomal make-up.  She likely has read Fifty Shades of Grey and was repulsed by that pathetic depiction of the community – even though she likely masturbated to images of being dominated by a man.  Typical.  I’m going to blow the top off of this bitch, and I am looking forward to it.

Again, I can’t wait to write a substantial piece for pleasure, for a change.  Presently, my language has been reduced to legalities and formalities, and I am feeling creatively handicapped.

I also was nominated for the “Bad Girl Blogger Award” from the lovely Whispering Girl, which has brought me great joy!  I am incredibly flattered.  Thank you for such lovely words of recognition.  I am chomping at the bit to assume my more creative pursuits, I just have to get through the next week or two.

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4 responses to “We Shall See…

  • Savannah Carrier

    I absolutely adore how you think! I love how you are approaching the paper with the understanding that this professor is extremely biased and how she grades. I had a similar experience in a very similar class and the woman was a dyed in the wool feminist and I was the only married woman in the class. I also wrote a paper that bucks the trend that she was setting and contradicted her at every turn. However, she like my arguments and made my point, substantiating them with more than just opinion. I ended up getting a be in the class but I got an A on my paper! I am also getting tired of the emasculation of men I need downright man-hating culture that is continuing to become more pervasive! I am NOT an anti feminist, I’m just not anti men.


    • FervidM

      Sadly, you don’t have to be anti-feminist to be pro-men; but, just as society must place everyone into compartmentalized boxes, we too are placed within one. I despise that I am immediately seen as an anti-feminist simply because I feel that the feminists movements were aggressive toward men and ultimately treated men as the enemy. Admittedly, I enjoy leading a more traditional lifestyle with regard to my husband being the decision maker for our home. I like him being in charge. I also like men being in positions of power. I prefer the male, more “logical” thinking to the empathetic, and ultimately more “sensitive” female cognitive processes. Do I believe this is a rule applied across the board for every male and female? No. However, I do feel that this general rule can be applied toward the way women and men process the environment around them. I’m simply tired of being metaphorically “stoned” by all the “Uber-fems” out there. Thank you so much for your comment! I have missed contributing to your comment section!

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  • Marty

    Good luck on the paper. I’ll be interested in the grade and the feedback


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