Fuck You!

Have you ever just wanted to walk up to a stranger, tap them on the shoulder and exclaim, “Hey…FUCK YOU!”

I’m in a strange way tonight.  I’m not sure what is going on with my mind.  Please, allow me some sweet written release.

I’m in the kind of mood that makes you feel like committing career suicide.  The woman that I work closely with is rather ugly.  Mind you, I’m typically not one to place myself physically superior.  But, this woman is ugly; and, this woman has gone out of her way to make my life miserable between the hours of 9 to 5.  She and my boss have a twisted, work “husband/wife” relationship.  I assume work the only place she finds acceptance and importance in the world.  Today, I was wearing a fabulous pair of high heeled, knee high black boots.  I paired them nicely with a figure flattering sweater dress.  I sat at my desk rather un-lady like, my legs spread apart providing a nice breeze for my lovely box. My desk is rather perfect for picking wedgies or adjusting my clit ring when it gets caught up in my thong.  No one knows that I sit like this at my desk, because there is an apparatus that prevents anyone from seeing from the front of the desk.  I have a professional reputation to uphold, afterall.  Anyway…I digress.  I had a fantasy that went a little something like this:

I kicked over my desk with my fucking ass-kicking knee high boots.  I strutted over to Ugly as my slightly curled, tousled hair fell over the side of my face.  I grabbed a fist full of her nasty, unkempt black hair and backhanded her across her face.  I then proceeded to take the black ball point Bic pen (that she is obsessed with) and colored all over the gigantic mole that graces her cheek.  I then colored in the spots where her mustache is growing in rather splotchy.  “No worries, bitch, I got you covered”, I say.  I then take her horrendous Winnie the Pooh figurines and break them, one.by.one.  If there is one thing I loath in life more than any other, it’s a grown woman obsessed with stuffed animals, Disney characters, or any other cutesy animated character from childhood.  I break each and every one of her cutesy figurines and stick a big rubber dildo in her mouth.  Now, don’t ask me where I got a big dildo.  I don’t carry dildos around with me because they would make my purse weight too heavy; but, in this fantasy, a whipped out a giant black King Kong dildo that matched her nasty black hair perfectly, and I shoved it in her shit-talking, snitch, hairy upper-lipped mouth.  I proceeded to rip approximately 10 leaves off of her stupid ass Christmas cactus, tossing them in her face one by one, and I walked my happy ass out of my office.

If only fantasies were reality…

I have a beautiful house.  Unfortunately, I have a tweaker house next to mine.  Seven people live in this house to afford it, and it appears only two actually work.  These mother-fuckers are dirty; they carelessly leave water bottles, wrappers, and various other forms of trash in the street in front of my lovely abode.  Yesterday, I walked out in my 6 inch heels and pick up the various forms of trash from the street.  I happily walked them over to their yard and dumped them all over their front lawn.  I hoped one of those assholes came out, because this is what I fantasized I’d do:

I’d grab that skinny, piece of shit tweaker by his “garage job” tattooed neck and punch the three teeth he has remaining out of his gums.  I’d proceed to slam him to the ground and step on his throat with my high heels.  I’d take the crumbled up water bottle he so sloppily left in the street in front of my house, and I’d shove it down his throat.  I’d follow up my assault by hog tying him.  I’d heat up a spoon with my cigar lighter and give him a singular burn.  I let him know that if his disrespectful ass leaves another shred of litter near my gorgeous home, I will burn every square inch of his skin, to include his diseased cock and withering little balls.

Allow us to transition to my beautiful, Dom husband.  I have been meat gazing him, grabbing his cock and slapping his ass all night.  This frustrates him, as he doesn’t like to be “man handled”, of course, preferring to be the one delivering the spankings.  I bit him on his well-developed bicep tonight.  I tugged on his thick beard and playfully smacked him across his face.  He gave me a look like, “Dear God, woman…do you have any idea what’s coming to you?” I do…I like it…

How do people have “normal” relationships?  Normal is so deliriously boring…

Thanks for the vent, peeps!

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6 responses to “Fuck You!

  • Whispering Girl

    Wow! You have quite the imagination and I must admit I am jealous of the way those insults seem to roll off your tongue so effortlessly. The imagery created has made my mind go into overdrive. You do well at painting a picture. I love soft toys and cartoons. I’m a grown ass woman but I actually feel like a 16 year old girl most of the time. Though I wouldn’t say I’m obsessed, I just enjoy the cuteness and how soft the toys feel. If I worked with an annoying bitch, maybe I’d fantasise about breaking her stuff too. Lol. Your husband must be a very dominant man to take control, because you seem very outspoken and dangerously playful!


    • FervidM

      Last night I was in a very troublesome mood, and my mind conjures all sorts of visions. I wrote that piece in about 10 minutes and felt like the keys were going to pop off my keyboard, lol. My husband is incredibly D. I am very headstrong and feisty. I’ve made games of messing around with my previous men – wouldn’t dream of it with him. I’m so glad you took the time to comment. Thank you, sincerely.


  • Darell Grant

    Reblogged this on darellsplace and commented:
    I love this!


  • Shaylina

    Fucking love it! I’m so glad to see someone else has a rich rage induced fantasy life from time to time 🙂


    • FervidM

      Ha! My husband said the same thing. He said, “Damn, I’m glad I’m not the only one who has these fantasies!” It felt good to write, honestly. It was hilarious because he went out after I left for work to pick up the tweaker trash. He resolved that they must have picked up after themselves; instead, it was his wife in her stilettos tossing trash into the neighbors yard. Assholes. Anyway, I appreciate the comment so much! I have very few followers, and I put my heart in my writing, so it means a lot to hear feedback. Thank you!

      Liked by 1 person

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