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I believe the world would be a better place if more women knew how to give good “head” (both metaphorically and physically), and people were honest about who they are. This blog is essentially about how I feel people (especially women) waste their lives.  It is my intention to expose the “uglies” of female psychology and make them beautiful again.  I firmly believe YOU should read this whether male or female because there is knowledge to be gained.  How am I an expert?  I’m not.  But, I am fantastic at seeing two sides to the coin.  I am non-judgmental, and therefore have been the sounding board for many secrets.  I am a fantastic lover.  I consider male psychology my passion, and women essential in bringing out the best in them.  We ladies amass so much power; yet, it’s wasted away on insecurity and trying to belong.  This is not a women bashing blog.  This is about empowering you to not give a shit about who you are supposed to be, and instead embracing who you are.  In Not Giving a Shit 101, I am the professor.  In Sexuality 101, I am happily a life-long student.  This blog is female centered but very male friendly.  Honestly, I probably should have been born with a penis…and many with a penis would attest to that.


Note: True to my commitment phobic form, I will bounce around with topics that ignite my passion.  These topics include, but not limited to: Religion (and why I don’t like it), communication, babies/toddlers (and why I don’t like them), being a step-parent, my bionic ovaries, music, my art, food, phalluses, phalluses as “food”, and other delightful things.   I cannot be harnessed to a single subject matter, after all.  More so, I doubt anyone is going to read this but myself.


*This blog is intended for adults.  I am not child friendly.  My subject matter, language, and pictures are adult in nature.

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