Blood In The Water…


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Ladies, make no mistake about it, men are predators. There are varying degrees to their prowess, but most are more than capable of bringing their prey down. I know there are a variety of reasons you are going to the bar. You are lonely, you are with your friends, you just want a drink or you are there for the same reason the guys are; you want to get laid. Whatever your reason for being there, unless you are confident and quick-witted, you are blood in the water in a bar full of sharks.

An observant predator will watch how you interact with your friends or watch how you covet your drink if you are alone. The man will discover your personality type, the reason you are in the bar and very simply, the drink you like to order. After he has compiled what he needs to know, he will stalk over to you with a drink to make introductions. He’ll introduce himself, get your name and ask a question based on his observations. Then he’ll let you do all the talking, and he’ll just answer your questions. Why are you there? What do you do for a living? What is important to you? What do you want out of life? All is divulged in pleasant conversation. What is your hot button issue? And that is the angle he takes. You have exposed your jugular, and despite your reservations, you will be overcome.

Now women who are there to get laid have taken the sport out of the hunt. If you are in the bar to get a man, do not look like you are there to get a man. You are doing the equivalent of playing dead for a predator, and he is just going to leave you alone. The type of man you will get is the same as the lion who is too slow or too old to hunt. At any rate, you are likely to be seriously unimpressed in so many ways. If you are there for a one night stand or are looking for a relationship in a bar (huge mistake by the way. I will address this), you had better put up a playful level of resistance and allow him his carnivorous instincts.

Women looking for a relationship at a bar: you are the very epitome of prey. You are desperate for attention, you have a desire that exposes a weakness, and you are quick to accept a hand even if it is disingenuous. What do you want out of life? A relationship? A man? Well imagine that… a predator can do all of those things because he doesn’t have to prove it tonight, he only needs to say it with a straight face. Good luck.

This hunt is not about a game. Real men are not kittens with a ball of yarn. Real men don’t talk to their friends about who’s got good moves or good lines. Those younglings will win sometimes if their prey is weak or mentally infirm. Real men usually are loners; they don’t need a pack of hyenas urging them on. Real men are not going to relent when fixated on their prey, and they are going to find the angle they need to do what it is they want. Your best defense is to keep your wits about you, catch on to his approach and call him out. If you are interested, make him chase. If you let him devour you too quickly, you will quickly move from prize to rotting carcass.

Don’t let your scent give your away

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